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Locksmith Stanwell

<h1>Locksmith Stanwell</h1>

Locks & Keys are based in Stanwell, Staines. We can offer you a super fast response 24/7 all over the area. Our mobile locksmiths are well equipped and fully trained to assist you with whatever lock related problem you might be experiencing.

Do you need a Locksmith in Stanwell Moor? Are you stuck locked out in Ashford? Just landed from holiday and can't find your car keys in the Heathrow car park? Then you know what to do! Call your local locksmith Locks & Keys!

10 Great Tips to Prevent a Burglary

  1. Get high security locks fitted to all your external door and windows, and keep them always keep them locked when you are not in the vicinity.
  2. Don't keep keys in locks, put them away somewhere safe and out of sight.
  3. Install strong deadlocks (British Standard BS3621) to all external doors, front and back.
  4. Your doors and door frames need to be strong too. Ask a Locksmith Stanwell to come and check their condition and ability to withstand a break-in attempt.
  5. Use a door chain and peep hole before letting anyone in. If you don't have as us about getting them fitted professionally.
  6. Don't leave a spare key in an obvious place like under your doormat or in a plant pot. Thinks like a burglar and where they would likely check first!
  7. Make your house look occupied when you're out - leave lights and radio on and keep the curtains drawn.
  8. Don't forget it's not just locks that are important. Make your outdoor areas less tempting with security lighting and well trimmed hedges. A burglar does not want to be seen!
  9. Keep things like wheelie bins, ladders and other tools locked up so they can't be used by a thief to access your home.
  10. Mark your possessions discretely so that should they be stolen, the police can identify them as yours.

Useful Local links

If you need to find out more about the area please visit Spelthorne Borough Council's website or check out your neighbourhood on Surrey Police's dedicated Stanwell page where you can see a crime map for the area or follow Locksmith Staines Locks & Keys page on Twitter!