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Locksmith Ashford

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Ashford - is it in Middlesex or is it in Surrey? Even London. The debate rages on. Meanwhile we are here to provide peace of mind on the question of your home security. Did you know that when you book us in for one of our residential locksmith services, we offer you a FREE evaluation of your current security measures and can offer helpful pointers on where you can shore up your home.

Local Locksmith = Fast Response

Locks & Keys work within Ashford to provide a local locksmith service to your neighbourhood such as Feltham Hill, Spelthorne, Ashford Common, Ashford Park, Littleton Common and Chattern Hill. Call us if you need help and advice or visit the Ashford Police page for details on your local policing team.

Ashford Residential Locksmiths

Let Locksmith Ashford help you protect your home and family. We can check the quality of your locks and install British Standard Locks which may well save you money once the work is done, as many home insurance policies have reduced premiums for properties secured by these locks. We recommend that even if your budget is limited, you can still focus on doors, locks and windows to make sure they can withstand an attempted break in. We can also check that there is nothing tempting unnecessarily on view such as car keys, laptops and games consoles. We also suggest investing in a small safe for your valuables.

Improve Your Business Security

Do you run a business in Ashford? Whether you work in an office or in retail there are many ways that you can improve your business' security and help prevent it from becoming a victim of crime. Businesses and small retailers can call Locks & Keys and a Locksmith Staines can carry out a survey on your premises and find ways for you to increase security. This can be anything from adjusting lighting and lock maintenance to checking doors, windows, shutters and grills as well as more technological solutions such as digital locks and more!